Welcome to JP Willman Realty

Hello and welcome to my blog here at JP Willman Realty. I’d like to start by thanking you for stopping by and taking the time to checkout my new website. You may be asking yourself why did Alex make a broker change and who is JP Willman Realty? I’d like to take the time to help explain why a broker change can be a good idea and tell you a little more about JP Willman.

Why a Broker Change?

I’d like to start by explaining that in my years at Keller Williams I was able to gain a tremendous amount of experience through working on a top producing team of agents followed by launching my own career as an independent Real Estate Agent. The time spent with KW was critical to my success and I have the utmost respect for the local and international organization. That being said, doing what’s best for my business and what’s best for my clients comes first so when newer and better opportunities present themselves I’ll always have an open ear. While buyers and sellers work directly with me I hang my license with a brokerage and do business under their name while they provide a variety of services to help support my business. No two agents run their business exactly the same so while one brokerage might be a good fit for one agent another may be a better fit for the next. With that said, it’s natural for an agent to move from one brokerage to another within their career and for me the time for that was now.

Who is JP Willman Realty?

JP Willman Realty was founded four years ago with the intention to be the most agent-centric brokerage in existence. The brokerage was founded by Josh Pomerleau, Sarah Pomerleau, Bryan McWhite and Josh Champ who were running a top producing Real Estate Team with another brokerage out of Maple Grove. After growing their Real Estate Sales business they saw several areas for improvement in the traditional brokerage model and decided to expand on the opportunity. Many of the systems and models that other brokerages rely on have become antiquated so one of the key advantages of JP Willman Realty is having been founded by millennial Realtors in the 21st century and relying on systems and models that are current and adapted to modern technology. Also, having been founded in the Twin Cities all of their systems, models, and technology is geographically relevant. While the Real Estate business has parallels across the country there are advantages to having a local brokerage that specializes in Minnesota Real Estate. Ultimately JP Willman was founded by Real Estate Agents with the intention of putting the Real Estate Agent above any owner or shareholder which is why I’ve made the decision to improve my business and work under JP Willman Realty Twin Cities.

What impact does this have on you?

Working under a modern brokerage that puts it’s agents first and provides the highest level of training, support, and technology greatly benefits you as a client of mine. When I have the latest technology and support from a brokerage that has a vested interest in my success I’m able to provide an even better customer experience. Doing what’s best for my business means doing what’s best for my clients so when you have a Real Estate need you know you can expect the best from Alex Hubler and JP Willman Realty Twin Cities.